Circularly Polarized Luminescent Systems Fabricated by Tröger's Base Derivatives through Two Different Strategies

  1. Cheng Qian,
  2. Yuan Chen,
  3. Qian Zhao,
  4. Ming Cheng,
  5. Chen Lin,
  6. Juli JiangORCID Logo and
  7. Leyong WangORCID Logo

Submitting author affiliation: Nanjing University, Nanjing, China

Beilstein Arch. 2020, 2020112.

Published 01 Oct 2020

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Tröger's base derivative rac-TBPP was synthesized and separated into two enantiomers R2N-TBPP and S2N-TBPP by chiral column, which emit strong circularly polarized luminescence with glum values of +0.0021, and –0.0025, respectively. The different way to fabricate the CPL-active material is to cogel the fluorescent rac-TBPP with a chiral D-glutamic acid gelator DGG by co-assembly strategies. At the molar ratio of rac-TBPP : DGG = 1 : 80, the glum value of the cogel was increased to be about three times higher than that observed from R2N-TBPP and S2N-TBPP enantiomers. Interestingly, the CPL handedness of the rac-TBPP/DGG cogel could be adjusted effectively by changing their stoichiometric ratios.

Keywords: Tröger's base; circularly polarized luminescence; chiral resolution; co-gelation; inversion of CPL handedness

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