Source-All-Around Tunnel Field-Effect Transistor (SAA-TFET): Proposal and Design

  1. Ahmed ShakerORCID Logo,
  2. Ahmed Maged,
  3. Ali Elshorbagy,
  4. Abdallh AbouElainainORCID Logo and
  5. Mona Elsabbagh

Submitting author affiliation: Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt

Beilstein Arch. 2019, 201940.

Published 13 Jun 2019

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In this paper, a new source-all-around tunnel field-effect transistor (SAA-TFET) is proposed and investigated by using TCAD simulation. The tunneling junction in the SAA-TFET is divided laterally and vertically with respect to the channel direction which provides a relatively large tunneling junction area. An n+ pocket design is also introduced around the source to enhance tunneling rates and improve the device characteristics. In addition, the gate and n+ pocket region also overlap in the vertical and the lateral directions resulting in an enhanced electric field and, in turn, the ON-state current of the SAA-TFET is highly increased compared with the conventional TFET. Promising results in terms of DC (ION, IOFF, ON/OFF current ratio and SS) and analog (cutoff frequency) performance are obtained for low (VDD = 0.5 V) and high (VDD = 1 V) supply voltages.

Keywords: Band-to-Band Tunneling (BTBT); Source-all-around; tunnel field-effect transistor (TFET); n+ pocket

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