An efficient one-step synthesis of a new series of multifunctional olefins

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Laboratory of Materials, Treatement and Analysis LMTA, National Institute of Research and Physico-Chemical Analysis (INRAP), Biotechpôle Sidi Thabet 2020, Tunis, Tunisia

Beilstein Arch. 2024, 202440.

Published 12 Jun 2024

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An efficient one-step procedure for the synthesis of a new series of multifunctional olefins by condensation of β-diketones as well as β-phosphonoesters and benzoylated β-ketoesters with formaldehyde, using potassium carbonate in refluxing THF, followed by a deacylation reaction,  is herein described. In contrast, acetylated β-keto esters derivatives, only undergo a hydroxymethylation reaction, affording the corresponding α-hydroxymethyl β-keto esters in high yields.

Keywords: β-Dicarbonyl derivatives; Morita–Baylis–Hillman; Olefination; Wittig-Horner; Deacylation; Hydroxymethylation

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