Study on the Interaction Between Melamine-Cored Schiff Bases with Cucurbit[n]urils of Different Sizes and Its Application in Detecting Silver Ion

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Guizhou University, guizhou,china, China

Beilstein Arch. 2021, 202170.

Published 29 Sep 2021



Three different complexes, TMeQ[6]-TBT, Q[7]-TBT and Q[8]-TBT, are constructed by three different cucurbiturils and synthesized guest melamine-cored Schiff base (TBT) through outer-surface interaction and host-guest interaction, where TBT and TMeQ[6] form complex TMeQ[6]-TBT through outer-surface interaction, while TBT and Q[7,8] form complexs Q[7]-TBT and Q[8]-TBT through host-guest interaction., and finally, Q[7]-TBT is selected as a UV detector for the detection of precious metal Ag+. This work makes full use of the characteristics of each cucurbiturils and combines that of Schiff bases to construct a series of complexes and apply them to metal detection.

Keywords: Melamine; cucurbiturils; Schiff base; Ag+

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