Synthesis and synthetic applications of (4-hydroxyphenyl)perfluoroalkylmethanols

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Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Koganei, Japan

Beilstein Arch. 2021, 202141.

Published 01 Jun 2021

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Development of the convenient method for the synthesis of (hydroxyphenyl)perfluoroalkylmethanols was achieved by the Meerwein-Ponndorf-Verley (MPV) type reduction of the in situ-generated perfluoroalkylated ketones as the key step, and the benzylic OH group of the resultant alcohols was converted to H or Rf(CH2)nO by way of the corresponding chlorides whose transformation was not easy by any other methods.

Keywords: perfluoroalkyl; reduction; p-quinone methide

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Terashima, K.; Kawasaki-Takasuka, T.; Minami, I.; Yamazaki, T. Beilstein Arch. 2021, 202141. doi:10.3762/bxiv.2021.41.v1

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