Doxorubicin loaded gold nanorods: a multifunctional chemo-photothermal nano-platform for cancer management

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National Institute of Lasers and Optronics, Islamabad, Pakistan

Beilstein Arch. 2020, 202098.

Published 28 Aug 2020

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One of the limitations associated with cancer treatment is low efficacy and high dose-related side effects of anticancer drugs. The purpose of the current study was to fabricate biocompatible multifunctional drug loaded nano-moieties for co-therapy (chemo-photothermal therapy) with maximum efficiency and minimum side effects. Herein, we report in vitro anticancerous effects of doxorubicin (DOX) loaded on polyelectrolyte-poly (sodium-4-styrenesulfonate) coated Gold nanorods (PSS-GNRs) with and without NIR laser (808 nm, power density = 1.5 W/cm2 for 2 min) exposure. Drug loading capacity of PSS-GNRs was about 76% with drug loading content of 3.2 mg DOX/mL. Cumulative DOX release significantly increased after laser exposure (1.5 W/cm2) compared to non-irradiated samples (p<0.05). Zeta potential of GNRs, PSS-GNRs and DOX-PSS-GNRs was recorded as +42 ±0.1 mV, – 40 ±0.3 mV and 39.3 ±0.6 mV, respectively. PSS-GNRs nano-complexes were found biocompatible and showed higher photothermal stability. DOX conjugated nano-complexes with NIR laser irradiation appear more efficient in cell inhibition (93%) than without laser exposure (65%) and doxorubicin alone (84%). The IC50 of PSS-GNRs-DOX and PSS-GNRs-DOX was recorded as 7.99 ±0.0032 and 3.12 ±0.0906 µg/mL with laser irradiation. Thus, a combinatorial approach based on chemo and photothermal strategy appears to be a promising platform in cancer management.

Keywords: Chemotherapy; Doxorubicin; Gold nanorods; NIR laser; Photothermal therapy

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Awan, U. A.; Raza, A.; Ali, S.; Saeed, R. F.; Akhtar, N. Beilstein Arch. 2020, 202098. doi:10.3762/bxiv.2020.98.v1

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