Reactions of 2-carbonyl and 2-hydroxy(or methoxy)alkyl substituted benzimidazoles with arenes in the superacid CF3SO3H. NMR and DFT study of dicationic electophilic species

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Saint Petersburg State Forest Technical University, Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation

Beilstein Arch. 2019, 20196.

Published 15 Apr 2019



Interaction of 2-carbonyl and 2-hydroxy(or methoxy)alkyl benzimidazoles with arenes in the Brønsted superacid TfOH resulted in the formation of the corresponding Friedel-Crafts reaction products, 2-diarylmethyl and 2-arylmethyl substituted benzimidazoles in yields up to 90%. The reaction intermediates, N,O-diproptonated species derived from starting benzimidazoles in TfOH, were thorougly studied by means of NMR and DFT calculations. The plausible reaction mechanisms have been discussed.

Keywords: benzimidazoles; triflic acid; Friedel-Crafts reaction; cations

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