Straightforward Synthesis of Various Chiral Pyrimidines Bearing Stereogenic Center at the C2 position, Including C-Terminal Peptide Isosters

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ENSCM - ICGM, Montpellier, France

Beilstein Arch. 2019, 2019134.

Published 28 Oct 2019

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The present study describes an efficient access to chiral pyridimines from readily available Boc-AA-NH2 and β-enaminones. This strategy allows the synthesis of a large variety of chiral pyrimidines (18 examples) with good yields from the chiral pool. In the case of peptide isosters, this procedure proved to be highly stereoretentive and paves the way to the construction of C-terminal modified peptidomimetics.

Keywords: Chiral Pyrimidine; Peptide isosters; Heterocycle; β-enaminone; Carboxamide

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